We organise regular workshops at our beautiful classroom near Brussels for all levels of player and would-be player.

From individual classes to bespoke group sessions and our exclusive masterclasses with world-renowned players like Kabeção, Loris Lombardo, Dom Aversano, Adam Maalouf, Davide Friello, Leonardo Trincabelli, Darren Dyke, Tom Vaylo, Quentin Kayser David Charrier...

We can also organise external workshops at your event, festival or private party anywhere in Europe. 

Are you considering buying a handpan?

It is a serious investment that should give you many years of joy. But the choice of maker and scale is vast and bewildering. How do you know what is good and what isn’t? Sadly, there are many online scams and badly-made instruments out there, and, because beginners often do not get the chance to try before they buy, they end up with a poor quality instrument that is unplayable and unsellable. Even if you are lucky enough to buy a top quality instrument, it might not ‘sing’ to you. And if you cannot connect to your handpan, you will miss out on this wonderful world.


First touch workshop

“You do not choose a handpan; the handpan chooses you.”

Have you just discovered this amazing instrument and want to know more?

The Handpan Academy provides you with an informed choice for your very first handpan. Register for this 1.5 hour workshop and you will have the opportunity to try many handpans from many renowned makers. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of the instrument and the basics of playing. If you fall in love, you’ll be pleased to know that they are all available for purchase. Discover a selection of our current steel temptresses.

The First touch workshops are held in informal, encouraging settings – either in our classroom or at many festivals throughout Europe. Simply choose a ticket-type and a date that suits you. You can come alone, bring a friend or a party up to 5.

Handpan cover.jpg

Group session

Looking for an original workshop for your colleagues or friends?

Held at our classroom or at any venue of your choice in Europe, group sessions can be booked for between 5-15 participants. They can be a beginners-only introduction, taught by our in-house team, or a special class led by one of our top musicians.

We provide a wide range of instruments from different makers for you to play on.

Please click on the below link to enquire about prices and to book your session. It is an experience not to be missed!



On a regular basis, we offer a variety of courses to cater to all abilities and needs. These classes range from 1 day to several days under the guidance of leading international musicians.

Some of the topics we have planned for 2018 -2019 are:

  • General Masterclass - Loris Lombardo

  • Indian Rhythms and Konnakol - Dom Aversano

  • Middle eastern Rhythms - Adam Maalouf

  • Meditative play - Peter Spiessens

  • Loop-stations & Ableton Live - Adam Maalouf

  • Handpan composition

Calendar and booking

for booking click the Eventbrite link in the event details.