Workshop teachers

Handpan Academy works with top players and teachers that are invited for specific workshops or sessions in Europe. The variation in playing styles, techniques and specialisms gives us a wide variety of workshops. 



Carlos Rodrigues aka Kabeção is a Portuguese multi-instrumentalist, composer, street busker and sound healer who creates his own unique approach to music and sound.

He has redefined the musical possibilities of the handpan with his unique, poetic and percussive style; by playing multiple instruments simultaneously, he creates beautiful, mesmerizing and intense music. His warm-hearted humility allows everyone to come home to a deep place of peace and well being.

Kabeção started very young with percussion and rhythm and then added other instruments, from strings to woodwind, and his focus comes from the simple exploration of sound. He is self-taught and has combined influences from different parts of the world, Africa, India, Brazil, Turkey, Spain, France, Australia. He shines forth with unique playing techniques on each of his instruments, including drums, darbuka, udu, tabla, djembe, frame drum, cajon, berimbau, bansuri, sansula, tibetan bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, guitar, Hang and handpan.

Since 2008, he has collaborated on projects such as Tribolados (Reggae/Ska), Hikari (Drum n’ Bass/Jungle/Bossa Nova), T3ka ( Acoustic Trance) and currently continues to play with two other projects Gapura (Klezmer/World Jazz) and Khayalan Trio (Ethnic/Contemporary/World Music).

His first solo EP “High Gain Natural Awakening” was released in 2012, and in March 2014 launched his first full-length album “Cosmic Seed”, an album that bridges his wide variety of work in recent years.

Kabeção website


Leonardo Trincabelli

Leonardo was born in 1973 in the capital of Uruguay and since I was a child I have absorbed the African heritage alive in the culture of my native land. In my adolescence I started as a percussionist and singer and after moving to Barcelona in 2004 I started to specialize in the HandPan technique. Since then I have made numerous compositions and more than 10 albums on this instrument, two of which, "Relesase" in 2010 and "Vientre" in 2018, were released with Dave Bianchi's Wahtabout Music label. Co-founder of the improvisation project with signs "LaKolmena", I also act as guest musician in the Symphonic Orchestra "Confluence" of Lyon, by Philippe Fournier. Acutually giving workshops on technique, composition, improvisation and interpretation on the Handpan and working on new compositions on the same instrument.

Leonardo website


Loris Lombardo

Loris graduated with full honours in classical percussion from the G.F Ghedini of Cuneo Conservatoire, in drums from the NAM School under Tullio De Piscopo, from Soncino Percussion Academy and also the Ultimate Drum Experience in London. Successively, he dedicated himself to the study of percussion from every part of the world, including India, Turkey and the Middle East. He has won two international drum and percussion competitions: World Drum Contest 2011 and Percfest 2012. 
His 'Handpan & Percussions Concert' has been performed in a number of theatres around Europe and he has recorded 20 CDs (one as a solo artist). 

He writes articles for some of the best Italian drum and percussion magazines and, in 2017, he published his book, 'Handpan Manuale Completo', the first in the world dedicated to the study of handpan techniques.

In the same year, he  performed as a soloist in the TV show 'Italia’s Got Talent', getting a standing ovation from the audience, acclaim by the public and praise from the jury (receiving unanimous yes votes), including Claudio Bisio, Luciana Littizzetto, Nina Zilli and Frank Matano.

Loris holds handpan seminars throughout Europe, teaching an innovative approach to playing, a fusion of techniques and rhythms derived from various instruments from all over the world. He is sponsored by MEINL PERCUSSION, PEARL and HARDCASE TECHNOLOGIES. 
In 2018, he gave life to the brand “Lombardo Handpan”, producing these instruments in his name. 

His musical collaborations include: Andrea Braido (Mina, Vasco Rossi, etc.), Orchestra della Magna Grecia (as a soloist with the singer Simona Molinari), Antonio Marangolo, Clara Moroni (Vasco Rossi), Beppe Gambetta, Carlo Aonzo, Marlene Kuntz, Richard Barbieri, Max Manfredi, etc.

Loris Lombardo website


Dom Aversano

Dom Aversano is a composer and handpan player with a particular interest in combining ideas from the South Indian classical and Western music tradition. 

He has performed in music in venues such The Southbank Centre and Bhavan Centre, as well as festivals such Latitude and The Cock and Bull.

His debut album Geometric is a collaboration with Japanese cellist Shizuku Tansuno, which explores the use of simple geometric forms to inspire and structure compositions.

He is a gentle, patient and positive teacher, breaking down any complicated concepts into simple form in a relaxed and fun environment.

Dom Aversano website



Tom Vaylo

Adam Maalouf

Adam Maalouf's music is found where the modern meets the ancient, where the pantam (or handpan) meets traditional styles of music from around the globe, brought together using both organic and electronic drums, beats and synthesizers. The word 'pantam' stems from the combination of the 'pan' from Trinidad, and the 'ghatam' (clay pot drum) from South India. Adam's unique musical style is channeled through genre-bending compositions for solo and ensembles that incorporate musicians from around the globe. As a dedicated music student, Adam has traveled through Europe, India and the Middle East to study under renowned percussion masters and in 2013 received his BA in Percussion Performance from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. As a teacher, Adam regularly hosts workshops and retreats in New York and North Carolina and hopes to bring cultures together through his teachings and performances.

A New York City-based composer and performer, Adam has shared his music in venues across the world including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, MoMa, St. Basil's Cathedral, Tanglewood, Wolf Trap, The BANFF Center and Austin City Limits. As a collaborator, Adam has performed with ensembles such as The Brooklyn Raga Massive, Pink Martini, Ensemble Signal, The Atlanta Symphony, The National Arabic Orchestra, The Asheville Percussion All-Stars and The Gil Evan's Centennial Project, and with artists such as Steve Reich, Eugene Frisen, Kygo, Drukmo Gyal Dakini, Lizz Wright, Jamey Haddad, Farah Siraj, Morley and many others. Adam performs regularly as a solo artist and with his world music project 'Future Tribe'.

Adam Maalouf website